Evol makes healthy, microwavable food with organic, all natural ingredients. In other words, food that’s actually good. Microwavable food has long been associated with college life, but because we work a bit hard than the average, chemically packed, microwavable food, we've decided to speak to students who share our mentality.



There’s nothing quite like cramming till closing time at the library, only to have to walk home in the middle of the night on an empty stomach. We’re going to show these night owls some love by giving them a safe ride home and a warm burrito filled with all natural ingredients. 


Our burritos are as quick to heat up as they are healthy to eat. So, they’re perfect for the busy college student, but even more perfect for those drowning in classes. On the Evol site, college students can plug in their school ID and be eligible for discounts based on how many courses they’re taking. Those with over 20 units gives free burritos. 


An unpaid internship often means living off bad food with poor nutritional content. We've decided to offer a free burrito supply to unpaid interns. We’ll work with internships.com to seek out the most popular, unpaid internship positions and make free burritos part of the deal.